Sean Mason
Founder & President

Sean Mason is the Founder and President of One More Comma. Having come from very little, he found a passion for technology that instilled within him a purpose, an ability to positively impact others, and ultimately lay a stable foundation for himself. He began his journey by joining the US Air Force and split his time programming during the day, and then studying for his degree in the evening. Upon exiting the USAF, he went on to spend his career in technical roles in some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world (e.g. Cisco, GE, etc…). He fully understands first hand how important it is to have our future generations study technology and have rewarding careers that follow.

Sasan Rastegarlari
Vice President

Like many who have found themselves working in info tech today Sasan started his journey without a clear direction. It wasn’t until he met his long time friend and mentor, Sean Mason, that his path became more defined ultimately leading him to a career in and lifelong passion for Information Security. Sasan graduated with a BS in Management Info Systems laying the foundation for a tech driven career path including everything from tech consulting, network administration, sec operations, secure systems engineering, etc. Being a relatively new father Sasan recognizes more than ever the importance our future generations will play in the advancement of technology and would like to foster that passion any way he can.

Joseph Schmitt
Vice President

Growing up into a family of computer programmers Joseph Schmitt has seen the world from various paths.  At points working in programming and web design, he found early the advantages that in this knowledge that would help him excel in a multitude of fields.  He graduated from Florida Institute of Technology and now works in sales and marketing.  He has learned working in a field that traverses all ages and industries the importance of having a strong technical background in driving success and hopes to share the opportunities and knowledge with the future.